Exotic Art Deco

Patio and Textiles collection

This collection is a winning entry of the SURTEX 2016 Designext Competition “Tribal in Art Deco”.

Exotic Art Deco is a surface designs collection for eclectic patios.

Its style is influenced by natural motifs turned into abstract and geometric forms and it’s based on the revitalized decorative language of the 1920s.

This collection wants to celebrate traditions and simultaneously the modern world mixing together rigid geometrical designs with stylized exotic themes, borrowing from Norman-Arab style of Southern Italy and the Tribal collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum of London.

The use of oversized patterns, bold lines, and wide bands of alternating shapes and line wants to imitate and merge together the Dutch Wax and Chinle Prints.

The color palette mixes muted Earth tones that mimics the gold and metallic colors used in the 20s, creating a positive, vibrant, and bold effect.

Exotic Art Deco is specifically created to decorate exterior rooms as it wants to represent the plurality of the contemporary world: pleasure and escape. The rigid design brings to the outdoor areas an excuse to celebrate imagination, fantasies, and desire to discover exotic places.

The patio collection features:

  • pillows
  • tiles
  • umbrella
  • outdoor carpet
  • awnings
  • table cover
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