Golden Mean

Golden section poster collection

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The Golden Mean Poster collection is a project that wants to underline the concept of infinity throughout the use of intentionally simple shapes and techniques. The collection is the result of meticulous scientific approach merged with spiritual meditation. Every single decision taken, in fact, is not accidental but has a specific meaning both in geometrical and mystical terms. Each shape contain its self in golden proportion (1.618…) and mimics it self following a counter clockwise motion of its sides. This effect, along with the color scheme, creates the effect of a never ending tunnel. The number of iterations in each shape is repeated 5 times, as a tribute to Aristotle and the alchemists’ classical elements, and the pentagram as well.

The final digital effect, which is simple and clean, is the outcome of very old-style geometrical drawing that the artist did with the use of just pencil and compass on paper, following the steps of the Euclidean geometry.