Aggettivo. Femminile. Singolare.

21 works create the universe of SENOMENALE (SENO = breast, FENOMENALE = phenomenal,) an exhibition focusing on the female breast. The pieces are the result of a combination of techniques explained with a complicated but easy to understand neologism : “trigital art” (photography + digital art + painting.)

The female universe is expressed through a rainbow of colors which includes an exciting mix of atmosphere that connects the models as sentences of a unique theme. The fil rouge is a white dashed line, repeated in every work, that emphasizes the shape of each breast. It makes every girl unique and soberly highlights her singularity and individuality.

Senomenale is full of metaphors which emotionally involve the viewer. But the real message that the artist subliminally wants to underline is the eternal feminine, that manifests itself in different ways with a visual language in which points, lines, colors, color contrasts, brightness and focus points highlight the essence of the woman.

Through the Breast: sensuality, source of nutrition, maternity, attraction, life. Now small, almost nonexistent, generous and abundant, it’s profoundly different for each girl but bearer of the same message of wellness and harmony with themselves and their womanhood.