Super Heroines

Super Heroines illustrations painted in oil

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A critique to the fashion industry. A return to the NO LOGO manifesto. This Super Heroines illustrations borrow the symbols used by super heroes and put them out of context to meditate on the theme of identity.

The oil collection wants to explore the world of contemporary identity through portraits of fashion models. They are pale, distant, almost androgynous women that lend themselves to embody a status symbol through their fashion accessories.

Ranging from Batman to Flash’s, the ones used are symbols that promise us to save the world. Symbols that talk about men forced to hide their true identity behind a mask, to save the world and themselves. A mission that is quite different from the one aimed by the immortalized models that, in the name of fashion, pretend to tell a story hiding their true identity behind a brand, completely destroying their “I.” They remain in a silent immobility, and impassive in their anonymity.